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Frequently Asked Questions Questions
  1. What is
  2. Do you accept Vendors or consumers outside of Canada and United States?
  3. What is a Transaction ID?
  4. Which currencies are supported?
  5. Does restrict the dollar amount processed per month?
  6. Why are's chargebacks so low compared with industry statistics?
  7. What level of encryption does have on their server?

Vendor Questions
  1. How do I get a Vendor Account?
  2. Do we need our own bank merchant account status to use your system?
  3. Will Vendors need to be incorporated?
  4. What is the Control Panel?
  5. What kind of reporting will I be able to obtain through the Control Panel?
  6. What is a Hold Back Fund?
  7. What are services fees?
  8. When does the Vendor get paid?
  9. What is a chargeback?
  10. Can customers outside the U.S. make payments via
  11. If my web site is located outside the U.S, can I sell site access through
  12. What is an Affiliate Vendor?

VeriChex Questions
  1. Who should use VeriChex payment services?
  2. What does it cost?
  3. How is the service integrated into my web site?
  4. How quickly do I get the funds?
  5. Anything else I should know?
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