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Credit Card Customer Support's goal is to create a seamless connection between our client-partners and their end-users tailored to your particular needs. We design our operations and feedback for the services we provide, to closely intertwine with our client-partner operations. We help companies respond to customer inquiries quickly, leveraging the Internet, but still adding a human touch. We combine customer service with elements of marketing and sales, turning every customer interaction into an opportunity to maximize the lifetime value of that customer. As a result, 1-800 Call Center helps build profitable long-term relationships. We envision ourselves as your departmental partner.

Customers filling out an online application or using an electronic shopping cart can often experience difficulties on the Internet. A customer can walk out the door simply by clicking the mouse. Additionally, a growing number of customers prefer to go online when they want customer service, sometimes just to check a bill or monthly statement, but often with more complex questions. In today's business environment where your competition is just a click away, superior customer service is critical to profitability. Customers expect instant, well-informed responses to their questions - no matter how they contact you.

Because a company's web site cannot possibly anticipate and answer all questions, the customer can become frustrated, especially when asked to "call during normal business hours." Internet Call Center services provide the personal interaction-based support needed to ensure that your online customers are satisfied. The result: a positive outcome and/or completed transaction instead of a lost sale or disgruntled customer.

Helping Companies Respond Quickly
Order Taking Credit Card Authorization & Validation
1-800 Number provided by us Credit Card Processing and Verification
Customer Look-up & Updates Dedicated Customer Service Representatives for your campaign
Access to Customer Information Advanced "Order Entry" System

Our advanced "order entry" system enables our representatives to access your website while talking to your customer, assisting them in product information and the placement of orders. Our fast, state-of-the-art systems enable our representatives to place orders directly onto your site, or within our database, where your products are displayed by "item" or "product" number with brief descriptions to allow our representatives to professionally describe each. Our intelligent order forms prompt the representative to fill in each necessary section, name, address, telephone number, shipping address, credit card information, item(s), quantity, etc. While the representative enters the information, our database adds the necessary shipping and handling charges, applies applicable discounts and taxes, verifies credit card information and supplies the operator with a grand total to present to the caller.

Customer Satisfaction
We view your customers as your most precious resource. We see ourselves as not just a vendor, but more like an entrusted employee of your company who delights in turning a simple customer into a profitable relationship.

The emergence of E-Commerce has truly created a global community for anyone ready to take advantage of it. But, statistics still show that thousands of people all over the world will browse and shop on a commerce Website, then call the 1-800 number for the comfort level of actually buying from a live person. With 1-800 Call Center you'll be ready to turn that interest into increased sales. We will provide a toll free number for you to post on your website. When someone dials that number we will be on the other side of the line ready to answer any questions they may have. It is our prerogative to know your website and be able to maneuver through it quickly and thoroughly to give buyers the incentive and support they need. We hold your image with the utmost professionalism, and present ourselves as a seamless extension of your company. We view your customers as your most precious resource. We see ourselves as not just a vendor, but more like an entrusted employee of your company who delights in turning a simple customer into profitable relationship.

Our order taking services are a perfect complement to a web based business. Your website is your virtual store and you should not leave your store unattended. If your customer has a question about a product or is unsure how to fill in a blank on your order form, we are the solution. Let us be your sales clerk, we support inquiries that prevent abandoned shopping carts. We will point your customers in the right direction, guide them through your store and help them check out. This will provide a pleasant shopping experience that will influence them to come back to your store again. In this world of technology what we've found is that many people just want to hear a real human voice. Each Customer Service Representative has direct access to the Internet if your business requires us to access information like tracking numbers and product stock.

Our representatives are trained to give a rewarding experience to your customer so as to maximize your revenue, revenue per customer call / visit and, most importantly, supply a pleasant experience so as to improve the probability of a repeat contact. We view our role as one of a "selling partner" where improving your relationship with your customer improves our relationship with you!

Contact one of our Account Managers for more information.
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  • Order taking
  • 1-800 # provided by us
  • Customer look-up & updates
  • Access to customer information
  • Credit card authorization & validation
  • Credit card processing and verification
  • Dedicated customer service representatives
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